Your business website must be a lean, mean conversion machine that is precisely on point, inviting, and persuasive.

Custom Web Design

Custom hand crafted websites that are user friendly, mobile ready, and optimized for search engines.

We create a design strategy, based on the information we would have gathered in discovery meetings and our get-to-know-me sessions.

Our site planning includes the site’s platform e.g WordPress, website content, site structure and navigation, hosting and maintenance. All these are components of a strong website and ensure its completed and ready to launch in four weeks tops.

Creating a successful website needs a collaborative approach that requires input and feedback from the client and the creativity of Mammothic’s marketing and design team.

Best User Experience

User experience is as essential discipline to consider when designing a website.

Website layout, content placement, navigation system, are all components of a website’s user interface. User experience is as essential element to consider when designing a website. User experience takes the following factors into consideration: Useful, Usable, Accessible, Credible, Valuable, Desirable.

With good website interface your visitors are able to easily find what they’re looking for and convert faster. On the other hand, when a use fails to find what they’re looking for they quickly leave, most likely to never return.

We incorporate user experience design in every website we build so your content is easy to find and accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Having a mobile ready website can never be over-emphasized, as search engines give priority to mobile ready website.

Custom SEO

We help you improve your website’s visibility and increase website traffic

Search Engine Optimization is the technical and creative techniques you need to use to improve your website’s visibility and increase website traffic. If you want a steady stream of organic search traffic to your site, you’ll need a site that ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO techniques and their efficacy change every time the search engines change or update their algorithms. Unless you already have experience working in the field, you should hire an SEO professional that understands the how search engines work and stays current with best practices and techniques.

Find out more about our search engine optimization services, and how we can help optimize your website and boost search rankings.

Our Web Design Process

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