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What Is Branding?

So what is branding and how do you build a brand?

Branding is the synergy between your mission, vision, purpose and values. What you do and say as a business creates the foundation on which your brand is built. The brand itself is your business’ reputation and how it is perceived.

The fundamental guiding principles and beliefs of the brand gives your customers a vivid understanding of the values of the business. Brand building is a process that never ends. Brands continually evolve, improving on their offering and delivering on their promise.

Branding isn’t just about differentiation, though. It’s your brand’s personality, the tone your content adopts, and the “vibe” your prospects get from your business. It’s what you promise your customers and what you actually deliver, and it’s the gap, if any, between those two things. As that gap gets wider, your business’s foundation weakens.

What Is A Brand?

Revisit your brand positioning and promise to your customers

A brand is your name, your logo, your colors, and everything that distinguishes you from your competition. It’s your promise to customers, your employees and the owners. It’s your culture and everything that embodies what you say and do. It’s the quality of products and services you provide.

Your brand is nothing less than the sum total of all of your customers’ collective experiences with your business. From awareness to the purchasing journey to customer service and beyond, your brand is interacting with people every day. The cumulative weight of all of those interactions adds up to equal, your brand.

Today now your brand is either growing or in decline. Successful brands have one thing in common: they continuously evolve to meet ever-changing market demands. Where does your brand stand today?

Brand Audit

Revisit your brand positioning and promise to your customers

A Brand Audit is a detailed analysis of the brand’s current positioning and how its performing on the market compared its goals and competitors. The audit can reveal growth opportunities with changes you can make. Your brand should be able to transform itself and adopt to the ever-changing needs of the customer.

With cut-throat competition, what used to work 10 or 20 years ago may not work in today’s market. The brand audit with discover strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative customer perceptions about your business, and determine corrective measures to align your offerings with the expectations of your customers.

We’ll revisit your mission, vision, and values. What’s your promise to the customer and are you still delivering on that promise? Is your promise still relevant or do we need to revise it? 

Brand Identity Design

Reposition your offering and redesign your brand identity

At Mammothic Design we understand the importance of branding. We take a proactive, thoughtful, and deeply strategic approach to branding your business. We take the time to get to know you, your business, and your products and services, as well as your customers and prospects.

Then we work closely together with you and your team to flesh out a carefully crafted branding strategy that will help you reach your targets with greater precision and ease, increase your revenue, and grow your business in a healthy, sustainable, scalable way. We follow branding best practices and guidelines to create your ideal brand identity.

Your brand needs to be clearly differentiated from its competitors — your positioning well defined and recognizable. Is your pricing reasonable and product superior, or do you offer premium pricing for a premium product. That differentiation reveals who your customer is. The truth of the matter is you can’t target everyone and not everyone can be your customer. When you’re specific about who your customer is, you can better position your brand to serve your target market.

Whether your business is brand new or has been around for years — whipping a fresh brand from scratch or fashioning a rebranding strategy, Mammothic Design brings years of expertise and sharply honed skills to your branding project.


Brand Launch

Make A Breakthrough Brand Rollout To Success

Now your brand is ready to launch and all your company’s marketing and sales collateral, print and digital content, signage and promotional materials and ready to go. Identify all audiences and what channels will be used to communicate with them.

Set your brand launch objectives with details on what you want the launch to accomplish. Establish your budget for the launch with information on costs associated with each channel you’ll use. How will you measure the results of each channel to determine the success of your launch?

Reach out to us today and let us help you start building a successful brand.

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