Search Engine Optimization 

Help your prospects find you when they need you with our strategic approach to search engine optimization 

The most valuable, well-written, carefully-crafted pages on the internet won’t do your brand any good if the right people can’t find those pages. That’s why search engine optimization is so important to your website. 

Here’s the uncomfortable reality: Google, Bing, and other search engines aren’t here to help you sell your products or grow your brand. They don’t really care about you, your brand, or your industry. 

What search engines care about is searchers, pure and simple. 

More specifically, the search engine companies want to give their searchers the absolute best, most reliable, most authoritative, and most current content available for the searcher’s specific query. 

In theory, this should simplify things so much for site owners. If you can just give the searcher what they’re looking for, Google and its competitors will reward you with higher rankings. Keep doing this and your site will rise to the coveted number one slot in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

That may be true in theory, but reality is a far different matter. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization? 

Even if you could obtain it, the top slot in a broad, top-level search such as “tennis shoes” or “new cars” won’t translate into more sales. Why? Simple: Because the people searching for “tennis shoes” or “new cars” aren’t yet ready to buy those things. 

Instead, they’re looking for information, or for potential resources. 

The people who are ready to purchase show what’s called “commercial intent.” They’re looking for more specific models, for independent reviews, for buyer’s guides, for coupons, and more, and this intent is reflected in their searches. 

Mammothic Design helps you optimize those pages for each relevant key phrase. We’ll bring years of expertise, including a deep, practical understanding of how the search engines continually refine their algorithms to improve indexing and ranking processes. The result is that your pages rank highly for the right keywords, bringing more eager buyers to your pages and products or services. 

Types of Search Engine Optimization 

Broadly speaking, SEO techniques fall into one of two categories: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. 

On-Page SEO 

On-page SEO refers optimization of the HTML elements, code, and content that make up your web pages. It’s called “on-page” because all the optimizing work happens right there, on your web page. 

On-page optimization includes elements such as the title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and subheadings. It also involves concepts such as keyword density; that is, how often your primary targeted keywords show up in your content as a percentage of the total content. 

Off-Page SEO 

Off-page SEO involves search engine signals that take place elsewhere on the web. Incoming links from other domains with high authority ratings are one major component of off-page SEO. Submitting your site and pages to forums, bookmarking sites, and social media are all additional off-page SEO techniques. 

Off-page SEO also implicates content and site promotion. Sharing your new blog posts through social media accounts, and encouraging your readers to do the same, improve your off-page SEO. Consequently, your brand’s reputation improves, as does traffic to your site, and then your page’s rankings follow suit. 

Keyword Research 

Great SEO always starts with a strategic approach to keywords. 

Your organic search visitors begin interacting with your pages with a search. That search involves a string of text that we refer to as “keywords” or key phrases. 

The most successfully optimized pages are built around targeted keywords that are strategically important to the company’s goals and needs. Keyword research is the process of determining what those targeted keywords should be. 

Mammothic works with each SEO client to research and identify the most valuable keywords for the client’s site content. Next we help you formulate a content strategy built around those ideal keywords. Once the content is ready for publication, we then optimize it for search. 

Content Optimization 

Once we’ve researched your keywords and created content around those search terms, Mammothic optimizes your content for search engines. 

Through fine-tuning specific portions of your page’s HTML tags and their content, we make your pages more attractive to Google and other search sites. 

Good content optimization impacts several page elements, including title tags, meta descriptions, heading and subheading tags, and the body of your page’s content. 

By including a combination of exact, brand-name, and latent semantic indexing keywords, we give your page an optimized makeover. This in turn renders your page more visible and search-friendly. 

Link Building 

Off-page SEO includes the practice of building links. However, today, link building must be organic and meaningful. Gone are the days of gaming Google with link farms and link purchasing. 

These days, if you want to build links to your pages, it’s crucial to do it legitimately through authoritative, high quality content and outreach. 

Mammothic SEO consultants can help you attract the right kind of links to your content. By assisting with content strategy, link-building outreach and content promotion, we build valuable links to your company’s pages. 

In turn, these links help convince Google and other search engines that your pages are worth ranking highly in their results.  

Local Search 

For businesses with a local market, optimizing sites for local search is imperative. 

Sometimes, your customer base is located in a specific town, city, or neighborhood. Those prospects use search engines, too. Typically, local searchers use geographic tags in their searches — e.g., “Vancouver SEO firm” or “Vancouver seafood restaurants.” 

If you want your brand’s website to show up in results for those searches, you’ll need to use a more targeted form of search engine optimization. Local search SEO refers to specific content and page construction tactics that increase page visibility for relevant local searches. 

Contact Mammothic today and let’s talk about how we can help you improve your search engine optimization efforts.