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Video Marketing is the integration of video into a marketing campaign to promote a product or service, build customer rapport, demonstrate how something works, and the list is endless. Start by identifying specific goals you would like to achieve with video.

Like many brands are already doing, video should play a leading role in your marketing campaign simply because it works. Viewers are 65-85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. Brands that use video marketing increase their revenues 49% faster than brands that don’t use video at all.

If you’re not already building your video arsenal to promote your business take the plunge today and lets make video work for you. We’ve been in the video marketing industry long enough to understand what works and what doesn’t. Take a look at our portfolio and how our video marketing services work.

Video Styles We Make

Explainer Videos

Animation Videos

An explainer video is a short animated of live video that explains a business, product, or idea. This is the starting point of your video marketing efforts. It’s about helping your audience understand your business, the value you provide, and providing useful rich video content.

People have short attention spans so engage your viewers early and get them excited about your the story you’re telling. An explainer video is an essential component of every video marketing campaign. Mammothic has been in explainer video production since 2012 through our sister company, Creamy Animation. Find out more about how to make an explainer video. We produce cartoon, motion graphic, whiteboard, live action, and other explainer video styles.

Product Videos

Live Action Videos

Product demo videos enable customers to see how the product works before they buy it. This is a very effective way to sell products because it allows people to see the actual product in action.
Depending on the type of product you’re demoing, you can use either live action or animation. Animation is quite flexible in that you can explain complex processes easily, create different scenarios in less time and on a smaller budget.

A truly good product demo video goes beyond its the features and benefits and exhibits how it solves a common problem. Its professional, engaging, long enough to explain the product’s benefits and value proposition — but short enough to keep people engaged.

Video Production Process


Develop A Video Marketing Strategy

Effective video marketing begins with a strategic plan. We determine your goals, target audiences, message for each audience, and style of videos we should create. Highly targeted content has greater chance of success than generic content. We need to be very specific about who we’re creating the video for and what we want to achieve with each video.

Next, we establish your video marketing goals, pinpoint metrics to measure your success, and create your video marketing funnel. Map out exactly how we want our audience to move further along the buyer’s journey to become customers.

The video marketing strategy takes into consideration your needs, goals, audience, and budget for the project. Creating a single explainer video may not need a comprehensive strategy as opposed to creating a series of videos.


Create An Animated or Live Action Video

Now you need to find the right video production company to help produce your video. Unless you’re just looking to get your hands wet and experiment with video, you need to hire an experienced video producer to maximize return on your investment.

We’ve worked with businesses and organizations from around the world — creating live action and animated videos. With more than 6 years experience creating videos for business, Mammothic Design will take your video from script development to production, delivery, and measuring results.

Our collaborative approach to video production means you remain part of the team, providing approval in every stage of the process from start to finish. This means you know exactly what you’re getting — so there are no surprises.


Deploy, Measure Results, Repeat

Your video is complete and ready to launch. The first place most people would want to place their video is their website, depending on the type of video. To do this first upload your video on video hosting sites then embed that video on your website.

Popular video hosting platforms like YouTube are ideal for promoting your business online. If you need to track view count, average engagement, geo-location, and other metrics, you’ll need to use platforms like Wistia and VidYard.

Share your video on your social media accounts, then ask your employees, friends and family to share it. For greater visibility, optimize your video for search engines with an attractive thumbnail, proper description, tags and keywords.

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