Web Design Services

An intuitive interface that’s user friendly and mobile ready is the foundation of a successful website. In today’s crowded marketplace your website needs to stand out, glad attention and convert visitors. It has to be precisely on point, inviting, and persuasive.

It should be easy to navigate and filled with the information your prospective clients are searching for and find valuable.

In a nutshell, your business website must be a lean, mean conversion machine. That’s what Mammothic Design’s web design team do, and they do it exceptionally well.

Web Design Strategy

Custom Web Design

We create custom hand crafted websites that are user friendly, mobile ready, and optimized for search engines right off the bat. But before we do that we create a design strategy, based on the information we would have gathered in discovery meetings and our get-to-know-me sessions.

Our site planning includes the site’s platform e.g WordPress, website content, site structure and navigation, hosting and maintenance. All these are components of a strong website and ensure its completed and ready to launch in four weeks tops.

Creating a successful website needs a collaborative approach that requires input and feedback from the client and the creativity of Mammothic’s marketing and design team.

User Experience Design

Best User Experience

Website layout, content placement, navigation system, are all components of a website’s user interface. User experience is as essential element to consider when designing a website. User experience takes the following factors into consideration: Useful, Usable, Accessible, Credible, Valuable, Desirable.

With good website interface your visitors are able to easily find what they’re looking for and convert faster. On the other hand, when a use fails to find what they’re looking for they quickly leave, most likely to never return.

We incorporate user experience design in every website we build so your content is easy to find and accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Having a mobile ready website can never be over-emphasized, as search engines give priority to mobile ready website.

Search Engine Optimization

Custom SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the technical and creative techniques you need to use to improve your website’s visibility and increase website traffic. If you want a steady stream of organic search traffic to your site, you’ll need a site that ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO techniques and their efficacy change every time the search engines change or update their algorithms. Unless you already have experience working in the field, you should hire an SEO professional that understands the how search engines work and stays current with best practices and techniques.

Find out more about our search engine optimization services, and how we can help optimize your website and boost search rankings.

Our Web Design Process

Defined Project Scope and Specific Deliverables

First we need to define the project scope. What’s the DNA of your business, the purpose of your website, your target audience, and lastly — the deliverables? A well defined project scope with specific deliverables and timelines helps us complete the web design project on-time and on-budget.

This is crucial to mapping out a workable content roadmap and overall strategy that aligns your business’s goals with your targeted audience’s needs and desires. With a clear definition of a limited number of measurable goals, our team can focus on building a site that achieves those goals and set you on a growth path.

A website can have several target audiences like customers, suppliers, stakeholders, partners, and shareholders. We then determine what key messages you want to communicate with each defined audience.

Determine who your competition is and how you intend to differentiate yourself so you can complete for the top spot on search engine result pages.

Content Creation, Site Design and Development

We start with a carefully constructed wireframe, which is a set of diagrams and sketches that visually represent how the various parts of your site fit together.

Next, we design the style and appearance of your site. Here’s where the creative side of web design really shines, adding all the bells and whistles and stunning visuals that turn a so-so site into a stunning work of digital art.

Finally, we work with experienced, professional web copywriters to create persuasive and polished content for your site. The right words are just as crucial to your site’s success as its design and function.

Beyond visual design and styles, web development helps your site do the things you need it to do. Our developers create the code, applications, and scripts that accomplish your goals.

SEO techniques help search engines like Google find your pages, index them quickly, and rank them higher for relevant keywords. That’s what keeps your site attracting higher levels of organic search traffic.

Pre-Launch Testing, Site Launch And Maintenance

Once your web design process is complete and site optimize, we run pre-launch tests. User experience can be different from browser to browser. Because of this, your website needs to be tested on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, and Safari. We’ll detect and fix any browser specific bugs that affect the way your website is rendered on that browser.
Other tests include website speed test, Google’s mobile friendly tests, Sitemaps, and Site Crawlability. All these tests are factors that affect website ranking and can potentially affect your website’s visibility and performance.

The completion of your website is not the end of it all, but the beginning of your journey to online dominance. Use all the ping dings available, like social media, to reach out and build your audience.

Finally, we’ll keep your site performing at optimal levels through our ongoing website maintenance services. Your site will run smoothly with enhanced security,  updates and regular backups. Contact us about our web design services today.