What Business Videos Should You Make?

There was a time when people would never believe that video marketing would become a trend. Those days are long gone, and we now live in an era where video marketing has become the norm. Business videos are essential for increasing brand awareness and attaining business growth.

Videos can boost your digital presence throughout website contents, social media channels, blog posts, and any platform you can think of. It is only human nature that people will buy products through video advertisements, instead of generic ads with text.

business videos

According to various studies, videos have a larger impact on the human brain than text. This allows video-based messages to remain in the brain for a longer time. In fact, your brain remembers 58% more of what you watch rather than read.

A lot of video options are available, depending on time duration, script, and style of the video, making it difficult for you to figure out what suits your brand best. Here are five basic business videos that every business should make for effective results:

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1. Explainer Video | What We Do

You can start with video marketing by simply introducing yourself and your brand to your audience with explainer videos. As you can guess from the name, an explainer video is just an introduction about your brand, an origin story, so that your customers can get to know your brand well.

You do not have to create a long and descriptive video. A ninety-second video is long enough and more effective than conveying the same information through text. You can even make a lot of short videos instead of a single, long video.

You need to understand that all you need is the attention of your audience. This is possible and more effective with various 90-second videos rather than a single 4-5 minute video.

You can make one short video in which the company’s founder gives an interview. A second video can demonstrate how your business solves bigger problems effectively. A third video is to let your audience know who they are connecting with by introducing your team and culture.

This way, you can also connect with your customers emotionally.

2. Demo Video | How to Use Our Product

With demo videos, you can show your customers how they can perform activities in a better way relating to your business, such as how your customer can use your product, etc. Video tutorials are very popular on the internet.

With tutorials, you show your expertise and capability. On the other hand, you can assure that you are trustworthy and real. This way, they will feel comfortable doing business with you.

Your demo videos should be to the point and into small pieces so that your customers can understand easily. Do not go on for hours of videos about tutorials on how to create a blog with WordPress as your customer’s interest levels drop while watching the video. Instead, make six to ten-minute videos showing step-by-step methods.

Create an easy to understand video as if you are explaining the procedure to a friend. Then, record yourself demonstrating it, like you are teaching something to a friend. You need to turn the recording into a script and then revise it before creating a video.

3. Testimonial | Meet Our Fans

You might already know how powerful customer testimonials are when you highlight it on your business website. But have you ever considered how effective it would be if your customers are physically explaining how your product has changed their lives?

Video testimonials will boost your targeted audience’s trust, converting them into potential customers as they can see a person’s experience in finding a solution to their problem.

Videos increase the confidence of your audience as you are adding a face to it that your audience can relate to.

As the quality of Smartphone cameras is increasing, it would be an easy task to make a quick video of a satisfied customer about their views on the product in no time. The video shouldn’t be too long. Just a 15-second video will work better than a written testimonial.

You should not be afraid of asking your customer; worst-case scenario would be them just saying no.

4. Educational Video | Learn Something New

These types of videos are for educating your audience about something they should know. For instance, how to improve your way of living, save time and make money, or reach your goal and make choices.

The first thing that you are doing is providing your audience with a valuable service that is there to help them. When you create an educational video, you demonstrate your expertise and authority without even calling yourself an expert. You are showing how dedicated you are towards helping your customers. This way, you build a relationship of trust between you and your audience.

To get started with educational videos, you can create a guide to show your customers how they can purchase your product. You can aim for customers who are new to your website and have little or no information on how to buy your product.

Furthermore, whiteboard animation videos also fall within the category of educational videos. With whiteboard videos, you can demonstrate complicated queries and subjects in an understandable and simple way. You can visually explain the most difficult concepts with easy to approach methods.

5. Thought Leadership | Stuff We Know

This one is a variation of an educational video. The thought leadership video can boost your brand to a better position by demonstrating the leaders in the field that you belong to. TED and TEDx talks are amazing examples of understanding thought leadership videos.

The main features of these videos are that they aim at a seminar, presentation, or conference keynote speech. The style that you can follow in the video is limitless. You can either use animation or live video recording. However, for animation, you need to increase your video marketing budget.

Moreover, you can simply pick one of the past popular blog posts for your brand and narrate in your thought leadership video. You can add graphics, images, and screenshots highlighted in a way for a better understanding of your audience in a video format.

You can also recreate a slide-based presentation, or re-design your blog post into some new slide presentation, and create a narrative.


You can start video marketing in many user-friendly and simple ways. Just start by making a tutorial video or a short introductory video about your brand or product. You can expand the idea once you are feeling confident with the process that you are diving into.

You can also hire a professional video production company with experience in video marketing. This way, you create polished and refined results that can work in a productive way, recovering your investment with a higher conversion rate.

The best option you have right now is Creamy Animation. We have extensive experience in developing business and promotional videos for organizations from multiple industries. You can contact us and request a free consultation.